Safe anal sex- how you do it

Research shows that almost 10% of sexually active women engage in anal sex. It is still considered taboo even though it is quite common. Let’s now look at the dangers and how to keep safe after sex parties.

Is it safe for anal sex to be performed?

Anal sex is not limited to anal penetration with your penis. There are other options. Anal sex can be done with your tongue, fingers, or by using dildos or vibrators, anal beads, or anal plugs.

This type of sexual activity can be dangerous for many reasons. Anal sex is safe only if you plan well and communicate with your partner. Anal sex can also cause numerous health problems.

Anal bacteria

E.coli and other bacteria can easily spread through the anal canal. Even if your partner is free from both sexually transmitted diseases and STIs, bacterial infections can still be transmitted to the partner who performs the act.

Good hygiene is essential. Before you change to vaginal contact, make sure to use a new condom.

Anal tissue delicate

The skin around the anus can be harder and protects against infection. However, the soft tissues within the anus are delicate and thin. Penetration can cause trauma, such as bleeding or anal fissures. This makes you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

Inadequate lubrication

Your anus, unlike the vaginal canal produces a natural lubricant to sex. Safe anal sex requires the use of a lubricant. Failing to do this could result in bleeding, injury, pain, and even death after penetration.

Hemorrhoids aggravation

Anal sex does not cause the formation of new hemorhoids. These conditions can be exacerbated by pushing or stretching, which can lead to internal bleeding.

Colon damage

Anal penetration can cause colon damage and may require surgery, although it is rare. If you experience heavy rectal bleeding or abdominal pain, consult a doctor immediately.

Safely practicing anal sex

Anal sex can be safe and enjoyable for both partners if you plan well. Follow the steps below to protect your health.

Communicate with your partner

Talk to your partner about any concerns you have and start a conversation about exploring anal sex. Even if you decide to spice things up in your bedroom, it is important to share your thoughts. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when you are having sex.

Use an enema

Anal sex can be messy. There are many options to maintain good hygiene. If you feel it will make you and your partner more comfortable, you might consider using an enema for your rectum.

Use a condom

Condoms can help you protect yourself from many STDs and STIs while having anal sex. Condoms are not meant to replace regular testing but they can protect your health just as well as vaginal intercourse. To prevent bacteria transfer from the anus into the vagina, make sure you change your condom prior to vaginal penetration

Wash your hands, and then cut your nails

You can also make sure that you are safe when engaging in anal sex. Keep your hands clean and your nails trimmed.

This will decrease your chance of damaging delicate anal tissues or causing bleeding. Before you insert your fingers into your anus, vagina, or mouth, wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Make sure you clean your sex toys

It is important to take the time to disinfect and clean all toys prior to and after anal sexual activity. These objects can easily spread bacteria, viruses, and hepatitis B.

Use lubricant

To reduce the risk of injuring sensitive tissues, use plenty of lubrication when you are having anal sex. Vaseline is a popular and affordable option for couples, but it should not be used.

Vaseline is safe to use for anal sex. Vaseline can be used to break down latex condoms. It is best to use water-based lubricants. Vaseline can also damage sex toys and stain bedding, making it difficult to get rid of.

Foreplay is a great way to warm up

It is a good idea to wait for about 10-15 minutes before you start anal sex. This will make it more enjoyable for you both. This is crucial for safe anal sex because it allows the muscles to relax and peel off.
Is it safe to have anal sex without a condom?

No. Anal sex can lead to many infectious diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia and HPV, herpes, and gonorrhea. Research has shown that anal sex can increase the risk of contracting HIV and HPV. Experts recommend that protection be used even if you’re in monogamous relationships.

Is anal sex safe for pregnant women?

Anal sex can be had between partners during pregnancy, especially if vaginal intercourse becomes more difficult because of the pregnant mother’s growing belly. Anal sex can be safe provided that the partner uses a generous amount and is gentler. Any discomfort or pain is an indication of immediate cessation.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are pregnant, you should not have sexual intercourse with your partner.

A placenta that is not properly stretched can cause severe bleeding and trauma.
An infection or disease sexually transmitted.
Hemorrhoids can inflame and pose a danger for the child.

One thing is certain: safe anal sex can be fun and exciting way to explore your sexuality. It is important to be open with one another, to take the appropriate protective measures, and to create a pleasant experience.

Safe anal sex- how you do it

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