School is important: The benefits of education

There are many schools to choose from, including public and private. Many private and public schools offer online learning, as do many online academies. No matter what choice, schooling can be more effective when there is positive reinforcement from parents and guardians.

Let’s look at the reasons school is important for all ages, including children and adults.

1. Trust
A child’s ability to learn new skills and be exposed to new disciplines can make them a better person. Growing up in a small city, the arts program was eliminated at every public school. When we were 15, we moved to Houston, Texas. There was a school with a fine arts curriculum and a second art program. many. This school helped me succeed and I gained a lot of confidence. I had the opportunity to have access to teachers, administrators, and classes that supported my passion for art. I also had a supportive community of other artists. This small group gave me a sense if belonging, and gave me a safe space to develop and experience my visual artist skills. It also gave me the confidence to apply for and finally, take art school classes.

2. Socialization
Humans are social animals. We need others to survive. Online or offline school can be a great way for you to make friends and build a community. Recently, I took an online course with an artist who I admire. I was able to access a large online network of former students from the instructor, who were always available for advice and support with regards to missions and projects. Even months later, I still maintain contact with my instructor and a few of my colleagues. I have a lot of good friends from graduate school that I can use when I’m working on a new project. These relationships and connections can help you navigate your career and offer guidance. My friends have been through similar experiences and have helped me get through tough times in my career.

3. Teamwork
School can help you build friendships, but these aren’t the only important relationships. Students learn how to work together in a school setting, which is an important skill for the real world. Children can develop relationships through games, projects, and even after-school activities. These activities can help us manage difficult personalities, identify our leaders, and understand how we function as individuals. These experiences provide valuable lessons that we can use every day as adults. It’s about managing people and finding ways that you can make your work more enjoyable.

4. Preparation
Even if your degree seems useless in today’s economy (yes I have a degree as a designer and yes, another in weaving), any form of education can help you live a fulfilled life. My 96-year old grandfather said that “there’s a job for everybody” and I believed him, despite my cynicism. The school teaches more than just facts and figures. It also teaches letters and numbers. The school is crucial for helping children become their best selves. I’ve worked in many places and have been in school my entire life. I find that everyone I meet, every class I take and every job I do is a learning experience. It was a learning experience that helped me to understand myself better and gave me a clear direction for my career. I wouldn’t have been able five years later to teach the same subject without that freshman art class. Without those English classes, I wouldn’t be typing this material on my blog.

5. Information
One of the best reasons to attend school is the abundance of information and knowledge available within the school. The school is a safe place to share ideas and can often provide us with access to topics and ideas we don’t normally find in our own homes. For example, learning a new language is often the most rewarding achievement. Many people don’t have the financial means to travel to a foreign country for many years to learn a language. Schools can often offer access to people who have studied a second or even third language. These educators can provide first-hand advice about pronunciation, culture, sentence structure, and other aspects of the language. A Japanese class was offered by my local college. I took it with a Japanese woman. I learned as much as I did in one year of working for a Japanese company in that class. I also learned a lot from my teacher and my fellow students.

6. Inspiration
As a writer and an artist, I found that the school helped me to develop friendships, career strategies and goals. It also served as my primary source of inspiration. One year ago, I was totally lost in my artist’s studio. I felt like I had lost my way and that I might have to give up on the fine arts. My husband suggested that I attend a local workshop. Within a month, I was able to draw and paint with the same passion I had when it was almost twenty years ago. Even though I am a professional educator, it doesn’t mean I know everything. It is important to recognize that school is beneficial for all and that learning is a way to improve.

7. The community
A school can be a hub of community, serving as a meeting point, place to raise children, and second home. Although I was a terrible child and hated school, I grew to appreciate the security and comfort that he gave me. I also consider the many activities that gave me my youth identity that were grown at school. My elementary school was located in the middle of my neighborhood. It was where I played with my siblings, where I kept the pool and library, where I “checked out” my first books. The school was more than a place to learn. It became a hub of our community, where children attended chess practice and clubs. Parents often waited hours for their children’s activities to be completed. Recently, I read that people only want a sense of belonging and community. I believe schools can offer both these for children and adults.

Not only is school important for us humans, but it also helps society progress by educating those who will bring the knowledge gained to the workplace. School helps build trust, friendships and teamwork which are the foundations of any society. Knowledge would not spread as rapidly without school. We could also be denied access to new ideas or people. Without schooling, the world would be difficult and it would hinder economic growth, tolerance, and appreciation for our fellow humans. Keep up the good work if you are currently enrolled in school. Jason Teteak’s Adult Learning Essential: Create a Learning Environment is a great resource for adults who are thinking of returning to school. You can take your child to kindergarten for the first time as a parent or you can be a student and gain new friends and understanding.

School is important: The benefits of education

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